Five Oldest Cricket Stadiums of the World

We have heard the names of the stadiums like Lord’s, The Oval, Old Trafford, Gabba, Eden Gardens, and many more. And, we usually talk about the stadiums when matches are being played during the Home and Away series or any prestigious tournaments in Cricket like the World Cups, Champions Trophy, The Ashes, etc.

Do we know the history of the Cricket stadiums or simply remember them because of some cricketing moments and infrastructural facilities?

If asked then most of us will say “No Idea”.

So, here is the list of those 5 oldest stadiums where the era of cricket began.

5) Bramall Lane, England

Bramall Lane Cricket Stadium

Establishment Year: 1855

First and only International Match: 3rd July 1902, England vs Australia.

Result: Australia won by 143 runs.

Nowadays, this stadium is used to organize football matches and other sports.

4) Melbourne Cricket Stadium, Australia

Melbourne Cricket Stadium

Establishment Year: 1853

First International Match: 15th March 1877, Australia vs England.

Result: Australia won by 45 runs.

3) Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia

Sydney Cricket Ground

Establishment Year: 1848

First International Match: 17th February 1882, Australia vs England.

Result: Australia won by 5 wickets.

2) Kennington Oval, England

Kennington Oval

Establishment Year: 1845

First International Match: 6th September 1880, England vs Australia.

Result: England won by 5 wickets.

1) Lord’s, England


Establishment Year: 1814

First International Match: 21st July 1884, England vs Australia.

Result: England won by 1 innings and 5 runs.