Duck in Cricket | List of all Types of (0) Ducks

Whenever a batter is dismissed at 0 in cricket, that zero is called a duck by the cricket fraternity. The term “duck” does still have its base in being related to the bird and the original term was actually a “duck’s egg”. The reasoning behind this is varied, but the majority agree that the term “ducks egg” came from the oval shape of the number 0 similar to an egg. Over the years, this has been shortened to the simpler “duck”.

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Different Types of Duck in Cricket

Royal Duck: In cricket, this is reserved solely for the openers of a match.

Laughing Duck: where a batsman departs for a duck and ends the team’s innings.

Silver Duck: If a batter survives one ball but is run out before facing another.

Golden duck: When a batter is dismissed on the first ball of his/her own inning.

Diamond Duck: When a Batter is dismissed without facing a ball.

Platinum Duck: A batter who is dismissed on the first ball of the innings and is termed a platinum duck.

Titanium Duck: It is a type of duck in cricket where a non-striker is dismissed off the first ball of the innings, It is a rare kind of duck in cricket.

King Pair: A batter who scores two golden ducks in two consecutive innings is termed as “on a king pair”.