T20 World Cup 2022: Semi-final Qualifications scenarios for South Africa, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh

So far in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, cricket fans have witnessed a lot of thrilling and surprising encounters. Many games from Group 1 could not be played due to rain but recently in Group 2 a lot of action just happened. India who was undefeated was outplayed by South African pacers, Pakistan lost to Zimbabwe, and South Africa had to share a point in an almost win game against Zimbabwe.

Teams like Zimbabwe and Ireland have sent a message to other teams that they are not providing easy wins. On 30th October Sunday, three Group 2 games were played and a lot of movement also happened on the points table as well.

Here we have come up with the qualifications scenarios for the teams who have the highest chance of making it to the semi-finals.

T20 World Cup 2022 Group 2

South Africa

South Africa is at the top of the points table with 5 points, they have played 3 matches so far including 2 wins and a washed-out game against Zimbabwe. South Africa is in the most comfortable state as compared to other teams because they need only a single win from the remaining two games to reach the semi-final also, their NRR is the best in the group as well. By any chance, If they lose both the remaining games could be a troublemaker for them, then only their fate will depend upon the other team’s result. If they win both games will have 9 points along with that they will also top Group 2 because only India and Bangladesh can reach a maximum of 8 points. Now, South Africa will play Pakistan and Netherlands.


India was calmly at position 1 on the points table before they lose against South Africa. Now they are in the 2nd spot with 4 points including 2 wins and a loss against the proteas. They have to win both of their games to get an advantage to reach the 1st spot with a better NRR if in case South Africa loses any one of their games. If India wins their remaining games will end up in the 2nd spot if proteas win both, the rest will be eliminated automatically. One more win for India will put them in a better position to reach the semi-finals than the rest of the teams due to their NRR but they can’t afford to lose as they will play Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.


Bangladesh who conquered the Netherlands and Zimbabwe is now ranked 3rd on the points table. Their remaining games will be against India and Pakistan. Bangladesh will be having strong competition ahead because both teams will come strong on them. They have to win both to qualify for the semi-finals but, If Bangladesh loses both will be kicked out of the tournament. If they win only one of the remaining games their selection to the semi-finals will depend on their NRR which is not good right now also at least two teams from India, South Africa, and Pakistan combo should lose at least one game each.


Pakistan is ranked 5th on the points table with just 2 points in the 3 matches they played. Pakistan lost their 1st match against India but after that something unexpected happened when they lose against Zimbabwe by 1 run. Since the second loss, their fate is majorly dependent on the results of other teams. If they lose any one game will be officially out of the tournament. They have to win both games at any cost to qualify from here, their only chance to qualify is If either India or South Africa loses both of their games and Bangladesh loses one against Pakistan only, Pakistan may reach the semi-finals due to a higher NRR than Bangladesh and higher points than India.